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Unleash Your Imagination with Exquisite Furniture Artistry


Elizabeth is a furniture artist based in Richmond, VA, with many years' experience in swiping & shining rubbish from alleyways & roadsides.

"I’m passionate about rescuing old furniture & giving it new life. I adore stylish sustainability & am committed to living a bourgie life responsibly. (We can have nice things without compromising our values!) My work is inspired by many things, especially texture, color, & craftsmanship. I enjoy the challenge of creating beautiful, functional decor out of outcasts & castoffs. I want to produce pieces that tell a story & help people build spaces that make them feel seen. I believe that everyone deserves to have a home or workspace that reflects their unique personality & style."

I Also Do Custom Work

Have a bit of tired furniture that could use a makeover? A neutral nightmare that needs some color? 

Bring it to me, and I'll help make it happen.

Whether it involves minor repairs, painstaking painting, or locating the ideal hardware to fit, the end result will be a unique piece with a special story

Keep In Touch

Call or Text Directly

1 (757) 647 1223

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